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DONE - Kareen.jpg

DONE - Kareen

Please order your copy of DONE here!

€ 17 .- plus shipping fee

Also with a personal dedication.
Please send us all infos e.g. how many copies, adress, dedication request, newsletter sign up or anything else.
DONE is also available digitally on all common platforms.

Please use the form below.
We'll contact you asap.

With your order you support small artists and you commit to a fair payment for their art. THANK YOU!


Shopping and gym bags all made by myself :-). For that reason you can chose any fontcolour you like. Basic colourse are black and white. More products to come soon!


Shopping bag: € 7 .-

Gym bag: € 7 .-

For your order, please use the form below.

Thank you for your order!

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